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Meeting Minutes

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JANUARY 21, 2017
10:00 A.M.

Call to Order: 10:39 A.M.

Roll Call:
President - Eirene Knott, M.C.P. Present
Vice President - Kenneth Hoffman, Jr., M.C.P. Present
Secretary - Melissa Brill Present
Treasurer - Alan Napoli, C.B.O. Present
Immediate Past President - Frank Herrick Present

Board of Directors
Basil Alani Present
David Byl Present
Geoff Bowen, C.B.O. Present
Alan Gustin Present
Scott Karr Present
Bill Trout, Sr. Present

Approval of minutes of October 26, 2016, meeting and officer and committee reports

The Treasurer's report and the minutes of the October 26, 2016, meeting were approved as presented.

President's remarks
Eirene Knott had no formal remarks, per se. She said it had been a pleasure to serve as the president and she appreciated the organization's vote of confidence in allowing her to serve as the ABM planning committee's chair.

Old Business
Board actions since the last meeting
The Board had set 2017 meeting dates, including that day's meeting.

Other old business
Alan Napoli advised that there were two cases of red mugs left but almost no blue travel mugs. The Metro Chapter had given some away at the ABM booth. He had previously mentioned wanting to go for a new color and style on the next order and would do some research. He had included $1,000.00 in the 2017 budget proposal but thought they would cost $500.00 to $800.00.

Eirene advised that she had invited the Heart of America and KCMAPT chapters to participate in the Habitat Build Day.

New business
Presentation of 2017 budget Alan Napoli presented the proposed budget for 2017. Highlights included that the pin costs should be less than the prior year, and the miscellaneous expenses had been dropped back to the usual $2,000.00, as well, because the Metro Chapter would not have the added ABM host expenses in 2017 it had in 2016. He also went over anticipated mug costs. He noted he had projected an increase in total dues because of the increase to $30.00 per year, based on current membership. He projected $500.00 for educational revenue. There had been more revenues due to the 2016 special training, but it would show up in 2017 because of when it was deposited. Geoff Bowen moved to approve the budget as presented; Melissa Brill seconded; and the motion was unanimously passed.
Other new business
Eirene Knott advised that MABFO, MACE, and MACA might be holding a future joint training session. Rather than having to funnel money through the Missouri Fire Marshals' Association, MABFO was going to seek 501(c)(3) status.

ICC representative's remarks
Tim Schmitz, the region's ICC representative, advised that:
The Annual Conference in Kansas City had been a success under Eirene's phenomenal leadership.
ICC's 63,000 members had cast 162,000 votes online. One day, 24,899 had been cast, locking up the system.
There had been 577 code change proposals. He encouraged chapters to focus on ten desired code changes, and try to knock out one per week.

Election and installation of officers and Board of Directors members
David Byl presented the Nominating Committee's report. The recommended slate of officers for 2017 included:

President - Kenneth Hoffman, Jr., M.C.P.
Vice President - David Byl
Secretary - Melissa Brill
Treasurer - Alan Napoli, C.B.O.
Immediate Past President - Eirene Knott, M.C.P.

Board of Directors
Basil Alani
Geoff Bowen, C.B.O.
Alan Gustin
Scott Karr
Ali Rostampour
Bill Trout, Sr.

There were no nominations from the floor. Alan Napoli moved that nominations be closed; Melissa Brill seconded the motion; and the slate endorsed by the Nominating Committee was unanimously approved.

Tim Schmitz installed the officers and Board members.

President-Elect's remarks
Kenneth Hoffman advised that Eirene was a tough act to follow. The Chapter had gained a lot of momentum over the past year, and he would be relying on the Board to keep it going.

Announcements and acknowledgements
Presentation of Plaques
Kenneth Hoffman presented the outgoing President's plaque and a service award plaque to Eirene and a service award plaque to Melissa.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:56 a.m.

Please refer to the attendance roster.

Next Meeting
Meeting Type: Lunch training
Date: February 15, 2017
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Ryan's, 10810 W. 75th Street, Shawnee, Kansas Topic: Introduction to Deck Design
Presenter: Josh McIntyre, Territory Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie

Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa Brill
Chapter Secretary

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