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Meeting Minutes

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OCTOBER 25, 2017
6:00 P.M.

Call to Order: 6:00 P.M.

Roll Call:

President - Kenneth Hoffman, Jr., M.C.P. Present
Vice President - David Byl Present
Secretary - Melissa Brill Present (via teleconference)
Treasurer - Alan Napoli, C.B.O. Present
Immediate Past President - Eirene Knott, M.C.P. Present

Board of Directors
Basil Alani Present Geoff Bowen, C.B.O. Present
Alan Gustin Absent
Scott Karr Absent
Ali Rostampour Present
Bill Trout, Sr. Absent

Approval of the May 10 and July 19, 2017, meeting minutes and officer and committee reports.
Secretary Melissa Brill apologized for having to be conferenced in due to car issues. She advised that her July meeting notes had gotten wet and, although she had shipped out the minutes, she fully anticipated the Board might have revisions. The minutes of the May and July meetings had not gone out in time for the meeting host to run copies for the meeting. They would be handled later.

President's remarks
There were no president's remarks.

Old business
Board actions since the last meeting
Alan advised the Board had approved a donation in lieu of flowers for Geoff's sister's funeral.

Melissa reminded the Board that she had previously e-mailed a note to them regarding decisions made by a quorum following the August lunch meeting. Those decisions included:
Approval to use the 2015 and 2016 Chapter Rewards Program points for complimentary 2017 and 2018 ICC ABM registrations.

Approval to distribute those registrations via lottery. Final winners after eliminating those receiving other funding (Tamara Hagerman and David Byl) were Alan Napoli and Eirene Knott.

Approval of the inspector skills class for the Chapter's free annual training day.

Melissa also advised she had reminded those present during that impromptu meeting that the May meeting minutes had still not been approved by vote, although at least one correction had been noted by Eirene (the spelling of Tan-Tar-A). She had reissued the corrected minutes for re-review in her follow-up note concerning items addressed during the post-August-meeting discussion.

MABFO update
Eirene and possibly David Byl would attend the meeting the following Friday.

New Chapter mugs update
Alan Napoli advised he would be working with Bob McKay on the new mugs and should have details by the January meeting.

2017 educational offerings update
There was some discussion of the dates training space at Lenexa facilities was available and the possibility of switching from the approved inspector skills training to 2018 code changes, which had not been available at the time the decision was made and which many had attended during the ICC ABM, and the need to advertise soon. Alan moved that the inspector skills training be held on December 14, 2017, at the Lenexa facilities; Chad Coffelt seconded the motion; and it was approved.

Chapter Rewards Program update
Melissa discussed this under Board actions since the last meeting.

2017 Metro Chapter ABM update
After some discussion, dates were ranked in order of preference as December 16, 2, or 9, 2017. Alan was to confirm the final date for the Saturday brunch meeting with the Isle of Capri, then send the invitation to the secretary for distribution.

2017 ICC ABM in Columbus, Ohio
Discussion included that:
The conference had been good and everything was conveniently located - no need to leave the conference site. There were a lot of places in walking distance - and the mixed-use shopping area across from the convention center was set up similar to the new Lenexa City Hall.
The Kansas City welcome event had been better; and attendees had shared a lot of positive feedback on the Kansas City ABM generally.
Eirene had been invited to the break-out session on the UL.
WICED wanted to sponsor a Habitat Build event but found the $2,000.00 donation requirement cost-prohibitive; instead, 12 volunteers worked at Habitat reStore. There would be an article in the Building Safety Journal. Eirene had already reached out to Richmond regarding doing something similar during the 2018 ICC ABM.

2017 MARC Career Expo update
David advised that:
The event would take place November 8, 2017, at Bartle Hall and was a governmental career day for approximately 3,000 high school youths, who would be stopping by booths in small groups for five to ten minutes at a time.
Tim Schmitz with ICC would provide some materials for distribution, and Eirene might also have some brochures.
There were two shifts available - 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. (including set-up) and 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (including tear-down). Volunteers included himself and Basil Alan (full day) and Eirene and Amy Barenklau (half-day). Chad Coffelt said he would seek permission to assist. David would like to get a few more volunteers and would be asking for a couple of Overland Park representatives. Melissa would be on standby in case there weren't enough to cover.
Eirene had an idea for a nailing competition and could provide sawhorses, etc. for it. Bragging rights via rankings on a chalkboard rather than a prize were deemed sufficient.
Eirene might have the Chapter banner for display at the event.

New business
Nominating Committee
As the immediate past president, Eirene was officially the chair of the Nominating Committee. She needed at least one other member. Melissa volunteered.
Scott Karr had already advised that he was unavailable to continue on the Board due to his workload.
These current officers and Board members confirmed at (or prior to) the meeting they were willing to continue to serve: Ken (immediate past president), David (president), Basil (vice president), Melissa (secretary), Alan Napoli (treasurer), Eirene (Board), Geoff (Board), and Ali (Board).
Chad Coffelt and Craig Slaughter indicated they were also interested in Board positions.
Alan Gustin and Bill Trout, Sr. would have to be polled later as they were not in attendance.
Melissa would send a note out to members to see if anyone else was interested in serving on the Board.

Service awards
There was some discussion re: the plaque order.
Honorary memberships
There were no members anticipated to retire at the end of 2017, so there would be no honorary members named at the Chapter ABM.

Code questions/interpretations/code changes
Eirene was writing three to four code changes, possibly one in collaboration with UL, and would share drafts with the Metro Chapter later; she gave a thumbnail sketch of each.
Chad raised the issue of sprinkler and alarm requirements for all commercial buildings except certain special occupancies.
Alan advised Gladstone was on the 2015 codes and anticipated going to the 2018s the following year, as he expected most jurisdictions would do.
Alan noted ICC had listed that Missouri had a statewide code. He had advised them that was not the case.

Other new business
Region IV representation
David advised that Board members were: Craig Slaughter, Missouri; Tamara Hagerman, Kansas; Steve Nordhues, Nebraska; and Dale Engebretson, Illinois.

Officer term length increase
David advised he would like to increase the Metro Chapter officer term from one year to two, especially for the president and vice president posts, as one year was not sufficient to see projects through to completion. Discussion included:
Ken Hoffman was the current president and, if he was not available to serve a second year, he (David) was willing to move up.
Alan advised a bylaws change could be made; but this was already allowed as there was currently a limit of two consecutive, one-year terms in place for the top two offices. A president could step down after one year in any case if he/she so desired. The secretary and treasurer posts had no term limits to allow for continuity as there had been high turnover in both previously, and the current office holders would not be moving up.
If the consensus was that a bylaws change was preferred, Alan could meet with the Bylaws Committee and draft the change by the January meeting. The change would have to be advertised for voting prior to the meeting.
Alan moved that the president and vice president be changed to two-year terms, the motion received a second, and it was approved by voice vote.

Seminar evaluations
David suggested sending out a Google poll for seminar evaluations rather than having people complete paper forms onsite before leaving. Alan and Melissa advised that the ICC PPP had strict requirements on this and the evaluations were part of it. Any such changes would have to be cleared with ICC.

Survey of desired member benefits
David would like to set up an online survey to assess what members wanted/needed from the organization in exchange for dues. These previously-identified items were discussed:
Alan noted the Chapter used to regularly offer formal training seminars but had gotten away from that because of the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program's twice-yearly training conferences and the inability to find suitable, inexpensive venues.
It might be better to survey what types of training people wanted for the lunch seminars, any contacts/trainers they might recommend, etc.
David noted that he had spoken with George Schluter of HBA, and George was willing to lend HBA's site, which would involve catered lunches. Eirene suggested asking about the catering costs and how attendance numbers were determined for the purposes of catering for estimated participation.
Ken suggested checking into other sites where food could be catered in. David said his jurisdiction's new facility could accommodate that.
Alan advised members would like the convenience of being able to pay registrations and memberships via credit card. Square Card was not practical, given the additional fees assessed the Square Card accountholder (rather than the user) for keying in credit card numbers; but the website could be configured to accept PayPal, with the credit card users paying for any service fees. Alan moved that a PayPal account be set up on the Metro Chapter's website and that the Chapter pay the nominal set-up fee involved and charge members any applicable service fees; Melissa and Basil both seconded the motion; and it was approved.

Budget for Chapter shirts
David asked about setting up a budget line for Metro Chapter shirts for those attending the ABM, similar to the HOA Chapter. Alan asked whether the idea was for the members or the Chapter to pay.

Website content, redesign, and social media links
Eirene advised one of the MARC Career Expo coordinators had offered to (for a fee) help with web redesign. The preference was to keep costs down by keeping it in-house.
David said he had raised the issue of a Chapter website template with ICC during the training academy; ICC might be willing to provide some assistance.
There was some discussion of linking to social media. Brad Henson had set up a Facebook account and turned it over to Eirene when he retired; there was no Twitter, Linked in, or Instagram account to date.
Alan opined that mostly only members referenced the website, but social media links might be useful for training events.
In response to a question from Chad, Eirene advised the spreadsheet listing locally adopted codes by jurisdiction was being updated regularly.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 p.m.

Please refer to the attendance roster.

Next Meeting
Meeting Type: Lunch training
Date: November 15, 2017
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Golden Corral, 13440 Blackbob Road, Olathe, Kansas Topic: Fire Resistive Circuit Integrity Cable
Presenter: Bruce Sinnott, Comtran Cable, LLC

Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa Brill
Chapter Secretary

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