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Meeting Minutes

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FEBRUARY 21, 2018
6:00 P.M.

Call to Order: 6:22 P.M.

Roll Call:

President - David Byl Present
Vice President - Basil Alani Present
Secretary - Melissa Brill Absent
Treasurer - Alan Napoli, C.B.O. Present
Immediate Past President - Kenneth Hoffman, Jr., M.C.P., C.F.M. Absent

Board of Directors
Geoff Bowen, C.B.O. Absent
Chad Coffelt Absent
James Haake Present
Eirene Knott, M.C.P., C.F.M. Present
Ali Rostampour Present
Craig Slaughter Present

President's Remarks
David thanked everyone for adapting to the change to the evening meeting.

Approval of Minutes of January 17, 2018 Meeting and Officer and Committee Reports
Alan Napoli moved to approve the minutes. Craig Slaughter seconded, and the motion passed.

Old Business:
Board actions since last meeting
The only Board action since the last meeting was to change today's meeting to an evening business meeting from the previously scheduled luncheon training.

MABFO Update/Mega Conference update

Dave attended the last meeting. He and Eirene are waiting for all of the training information in order to send the flyer out to promote the Mega Conference. April 6th is the next MABFO meeting date. They've started to make some significant changes to Tan-Tar-A in the conversion to Margaritaville.

Chapter Mugs
The Chapter has plenty of coffee mugs, but no travel mugs. Bob McKay passed around samples he had gathered based on the feedback he received at the meeting last month. To purchase 84 mugs, the cost would be $995.06. There was discussion on the color and how long supplies would last. Basil Alani moved to purchase the mugs, blue in color. Alan Napoli seconded the motion, the motion passed.

Building Safety Month
No progress has been made on either side of the state line. Ron Worley was to be working on the Kansas side and Craig on the Missouri side.

Chapter Monies
There was discussion on whether the Chapter should utilize Square or PayPal to allow members pay for training or lunches using credit/debit cards. There was also discussion on using the Chapter's website to pay membership dues. Eirene Knott will send Alan an email with a link to the payment option on the Chapter's website for upcoming membership expirations. There was discussion on the cost associated with processing fees. Eirene made a motion that the Chapter purchase two Square card swipes to be retained by the Treasurer and Vice President. Craig seconded the motion. Discussion ensued about attendance of these two officers at meetings/events. The motion was approved. All board members will be encouraged to download the app so that payments can be processed at upcoming meetings/events.

Volunteer Opportunities
Dave would like to see the Chapter get involved with ReStore. He has sent an email to get additional information. There was discussion to explore options with other groups to see if they could accommodate a larger group. It was suggested to establish a committee to pursue this. AN email will be send to the Chapter to see if folks are interested in helping. It was suggested that a board member chair the committee.

ICC Leadership Academy
There was discussion on establishing a policy for the Chapter on this matter. Alan will set up a meeting with the bylaws committee to develop a policy to present to the Board. Alan made a motion to send at least one board member to the upcoming training in Colorado in June, allowing up to three additional Chapter members to attend with the waived registration fee as provided for by ICC. Craig seconded the motion. Alan added to his motion to allow of the four free registrations the Chapter received from ICC to be set aside for the Chapter President to attend the ICC ABM. Craig agreed to the amended motion. The motion was approved.

Chapter Blog/Bulletin Board
Dave and Eirene demonstrated the bulletin board/blog/forum on the Chapter's website. It was encouraged that the Board activate an account and get comfortable with the application so that other Chapter members can participate in the future.

Lunch & Learns
This topic will be pursued more through email discussion as it was getting late. Dave quickly shared his thoughts on catering and being able to accept payments at the door.

Chapter ABM
This topic will also be pursued more through email discussion. Dave quickly shared his thoughts on having the Chapter's ABM at Top Golf. Pricing was discussed.

New Business:
Discussion took place on board members willing to lead committees. An email will be sent out to the Chapter seeking volunteers for the committees.

Dave passed out a calendar with upcoming events. A discussion started which led to discussion on Missouri HB 2451. The HBA put the bill together, which was presented by Representative Cross. The reason behind the bill was that cities were taking too long to review plans. Kansas may have similar legislation. George Schluter has offered to come to the board to discuss the bill. It was suggested the George be invited to attend the April meeting.

Chapter Pins
Dave shared Bob's idea with a BBQ theme. Feedback was given to Bob on the design.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:16 p.m.

Please refer to the attendance roster.

Next Meeting
Meeting Type: Lunch Training Meeting
Date: March 14, 2018
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, 600 E 103rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64131
Program: "IRC Updates from 2012 to 2018 (focusing on bigger changes)" by Jay Woodward with ICC

Respectfully Submitted,
Eirene Knott
Secretary Pro tem

Please refer to the attendance roster.

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