Sunday, April 5, 2020

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I Received a Business Card!

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Welcome! You have received a business card from your local code representative. The fact that you have taken the time to visit our website shows you are interested in helping make the communities we live and work in a safe environment.

  • Are you going to be designing or building in a Kansas City area jurisdiction? Many member jurisdictions provide direct links to information you should know about special or unique building code considerations in their area. Click here!
  • Don't like a particular code compliance requirement? Is there something you believe should be added, changed or eliminated? Did you know you could make that happen? Contact your local code representative and ask about submitting a code change! You can make a difference! Click here for local contact information.
  • Interested in becoming a part of our organization? We want you as a member! Our Chapter provides many benefits including regular luncheon training opportunities. The cost of membership is only $30 per year and includes a membership in the Missouri state chapter MABFO, the Missouri Association of Building and Fire Officials. Click here and join today!

Thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate the time you have taken to investigate how the Metropolitan Kansas City Chapter of the International Code Council can be of assistance to you.

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